A Taste of Tradition, a Buzz of Delight: Unwind at Preem Restaurant & Balti House

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Tue, 02/01/2024

Nestled in the heart of East London, Preem Restaurant & Balti House isn't just a place to eat – it's an experience. We're not talking white tablecloths and hushed whispers; we're talking vibrant atmosphere, aromatic spices, and plates that explode with flavor, all served with a warm East London smile.


For long since, we've been weaving magic with our authentic Balti cuisine. Our chefs, born and raised amidst the sizzling pans and fragrant whispers of family kitchens, pour their passion into every dish. Each bite is a journey through generations of tradition, a whisper of old-world charm infused with a modern twist.


But Preem is more than just the food. It's the laughter echoing through the air, the clinking of glasses as friends gather, the soft melody of Bollywood tunes painting the background. We've built a space where families find comfort in familiar flavors, couples steal away for a romantic escape, and friends unwind after a long day, united by the joy of good food and good company.


Here's a glimpse into what awaits you at Preem:

  • A symphony of spices: Our signature Balti dishes are a revelation. Meat marinated in a secret blend of fragrant spices sizzles on the tawa, creating explosions of flavor that dance on your palate. From the fiery heat of the Naga to the smoky elegance of the Kashmiri, there's a Balti to tantalize every taste bud.
  • Beyond the Balti: Don't get us wrong, we love our Baltis, but our menu is a tapestry of culinary delights. Succulent tandoori kebabs, creamy curries, fluffy naans, and refreshing raitas – each dish is a testament to the diversity and depth of Indian cuisine.
  • A feast for the senses: Stepping into Preem is like stepping into another world. Vibrant walls, adorned with intricate tapestries, whisper tales of distant lands. It's a feast for the eyes, ears, and nose, even before the first bite arrives.
  • Warmth from the heart: At Preem, you're not just our customer, you're a member of our family. Our staff, passionate about both food and hospitality, go the extra mile to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and utterly cherished.


So, whether you're a seasoned Balti connoisseur or a curious newbie, Preem Restaurant & Balti House invites you to discover the magic of East London dining. Come for the food, stay for the laughter, and leave with a heart full of warmth and a smile that lingers long after the last bite.

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